Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Mayank Mohan has more than Sixteen years of IT experience in architecting/solution, analysis, management, development, deployment, and support of Application software. AI, NLP, ML, Cloud solutions (GCP) enthusiast. He has worked with world’s most prestigious clients like CVS Health, McKinsey & Company, Warner Bros, Pearson Vue, Yorkshire Building Society & Sanlam.

As organizations are transforming rapidly to adopt artificial intelligence in this video, Faraz discussed with Mayank on all the key elements of AI starting from AI Evolution and how it works for firms for adaptation, what is AI & why so much hype about AI. He also touched on areas under collective Intelligence, machine learning and discussed on how to gain a strategic advantage with it. It was also interesting to learn about natural language processing and robotic processes and how can they improve the business value. With all the positivity’s in AI there is also concern about the dangers it can bring to industries and Mayank discussed AI ethics, norms and realms in adaptation.

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