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Trading Online? How Can You Improve Cyber Security

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Improve Cyber Security

Improve Cyber Security

Online trading platforms have rapidly become the preferred way of conduction business for most Indian traders. The convenience, immediate access and simplicity of online tradinghas made it easier for full-time as well as casual traders to work on their portfolio. One can execute transactions at the click of a button, operate your trading account, bank account and demat account from the comfort of your home or office. However with the rising threat of malware and hacking, ignoring cyber security can cost one dearly. Here are some steps an online trader can take to make their investments more secure according to Angel Broking – a leading brokerage firm.

Have complex passwords and change them regularly:

The importance of a password cannot be overestimated. It forms the basis for you to operate your trading account, your bank account and your demat account. You can increase security by making your password as complex and as dynamic as possible. According to Angel Broking one must avoid using one’s name, date of birth or marriage anniversary as a password as they are simple giveaways.

Beware of strangers’ computers:

The basic rule is that you must never access your trading account from computers that you are unfamiliar with. That includes computers belonging to your friends and relatives. Ensure that the PC or laptop that you are using has an anti-virus and anti-spyware program installed and the program is up to date. Also never, ever access your trading account from cyber cafes.

Don’t forget to log-off and clear the cache:

When you are trading on your PC or laptop, it is quite common to keep the session open when you go to grab a sandwich or to attend nature’s call. That is again a strict no! The moment you are not on your desk, you must be logged out of your trading account. Apart from logging out when leaving the seat, ensure that your cache is cleared at the end of each day.

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