Wed. Sep 15th, 2021

Developers are in a constant rush to keep up with the trends of the tech world.  Every time something innovative emerges, the demand of people shifts towards it. Speaking of trends and innovation, businesses have started to realize the importance of mobile app development services.  Why, you ask? Read further to find that out.

Mobile commerce is booming. As per the data accumulated by BigCommerce, mobile commerce accounts for more than 31 percent of total sales. This growth is incredible, isn’t it? Hence why mobile app development companies are working to come up with apps having better interfaces by using new coding practices.

Mobile apps have given power in the hands of customers. The world has already gone mobile.  By 2019, the number of mobile phone users will pass 5 billion. There is no doubt that consumers are using their smartphones to search for things they want to buy, places they want go, food they want to eat and lot more.  They don’t like opening websites from their computers, they like purchasing from their mobile apps. If your business hasn’t yet considered mobile app development significant, it is time it should.

The following statistics show how famous brands have increased their revenue by using mobile commerce in the previous year:

  • During Black Friday, mobile sales broke all past records. 1 percent of the shoppers visited the websites of retailers from their mobile devices.
  • Mobile and pay strategy by Starbucks got a massive response from customers. Payments made through mobile increased to 30% of the transactions in the US stores.
  • As per a Bank Cash Behavior Survey, 47 percent of the respondents said they prefer using a digital payment app over cash.

Why is mobile app development important?

  • It’s a direct channel for marketing

A mobile app lets you reach your customers directly. Whether it is special sales, promotions or new product, your customers will have access to all the information. You can even interact with them closely via push notifications. You can keep on reminding them about your products and services whenever necessary.

  • It builds brand awareness

A mobile app can be helpful in creating brand awareness. You can use it to market your products and services whatever the way you want. The more you involve customers with your app, the sooner they will make a purchase.

  • Improved sales

Mobile apps have changed the way people view your products and services before purchasing them. It’s a unique and engaging way to market your products to drive more sales. The more convenient you make shopping, the more people will buy from you.

  • Gather insights on your customers

Mobile apps even let you gather information about the preferences of your customers by the actions they perform. You can use this information to show them personalized content so that they can make more prompt purchase decisions. Companies providing iPhone and Android app development services are already using Artificial Intelligence to learn the user behavior and show them products and services on the basis of their preferences.

  • You gain a competitive edge

A good mobile app can give you a competitive edge over your competitors who haven’t yet designed a mobile app. Let’s suppose you have lots of competitors in the market who are offering products and services that are quite close to yours. With a mobile app, you can get an edge. If your mobile app has a better User Interface and it’s easy to use, you can win customers for sure.

  • They are accessible

A great thing about mobile apps is that they are accessible all the time. One can use them on any device from any corner of the world. That’s exactly what customers need.

What does this mean for developers?

The developers providing mobile application development services need to have the skills necessary for adapting to the growing needs of the app industry.  Most apps are developed in JAVA. You must already know that Kotlin has been declared the official programming language for Android. It runs on JAVA virtual machine. Developers working for iPhone app development company, on the other hand, have also started learning Swift which is a language used to developed iOS apps. It is influenced by Python and Ruby.

If you know the importance of having an online presence, then you must accept that a mobile app is just as important. In case you haven’t, get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company to get started on the idea of your very own mobile app. You need it! Read Here


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