Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
Importance of UX Design

They say that first impressions matter, a rule which applies not only to how we dress but also in digital marketing. In between organic and paid SEO, lies UX, or what is known as User experience. Getting potential customers to visit a website is usually the easy part of the digital marketing process but getting them to stay, calls for a website that offers a remarkable user experience. If you are having trouble converting leads into traffic or meeting your sales targets online yet you’ve done everything right from link building to using Paid searches, then chances are your website is not UX-friendly.  Below is all the information you need to help you understand the essence of this important metric in maximizing user experience, and how you can give your site a boost.

What is UX and why is it of the essence?

UX or UXD, (user experience design) is the process of enhancing consumer satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, credibility, and efficiency of a website. In a layman language, UX is the process of creating a website that is not only easy to navigate but also one that provides value to those who visit it by ensuring that it is informative enough. For instance, if you are in the fashion industry, your website should tell those who visit your site what are the recent fashion trends since the field of fashion is quite diverse. It should also be easy enough for first-time users to navigate through the various categories and it should also be a source of information in that, they can learn about the latest trends, and more about the world of fashion.

Why should you pay close attention to UX?

UX determines whether customers stay or leave

According to statistics from Infographic, about 79% of online shoppers go back to SERP’s if they don’t like what they find, and search for what they need in other sites, while 60% of the consumers will be more positive about a brand, once they browse through its content. The statistics further add that 52% of consumers who visit a website using their mobile phones are less likely to engage with the company if the site is poorly optimized for mobile.

A survey from Adobe shows that 39% of those who visit a site will click the exit button if the images fail or take too long to load, while a report by Forrester shows that an UX-friendly site will boost the conversion rates by more than a 100%.

According to Google customers judge your website within the first three seconds of accessing it. They determine your ability to meet and surpass their expectations based on the design of your website, before they can even go through your content. That means that no matter how good your content is, it is of no use if the design is not aesthetically pleasing.

Even though there is more to UX than just looks, you need to first ensure that your site is visually pleasing. To sum it up, UX directly influences your conversion rate which is why you should get it right. Below is how it does so.

An UX-friendly site creates a smooth-sailing user journey

An UX-friendly design ensures that users can easily navigate the site to find what they need. It also ensures that they find additional information and they don’t have to deal with slow loading pages or confusing codes. A user-friendly website also incorporates all the right elements, ensuring that both mobile and PC users get to access the website effortlessly. All these factors when combined create a seamless user experience, thus ensuring user satisfaction, which equals high traffic conversion.

How to determine if your website has a good UXD?

Now that you are aware of the essence of UX, how can you determine if your site has a good UXD? Below are a few metrics you can use to track this important aspect

  • Page views
  • Dwell time (Google correlates a higher dwell time to better user experience)
  • Bounce rate in comparison to conversion rate
  • The number of sales you get, as well as the number of people who subscribe or register to your newsletters and services.

Google provides qualitative, testing and website analytics tools which allow you to test the above metrics. A website like Veranda interiors uses this technique to find out about their UX and increase their conversion rates. Ensure you do so too, so you can meet your sales target online.


In a nutshell, the way a user interacts with your website determines if they are going to do business with you. An UX-friendly website design not only helps improve user experience but also helps increase your conversion rate, ensuring that you remain happy and loyal clientele who are even more likely to recommend your business to other online shoppers. As a result, you end up meeting your sales target.

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