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The discovery of smartphones and tablets is both a blessing and a curse depending on how you use it. Though it has bridged the gap between people across the world and made communication easier, this object of wonder can be harmful for teenage and adolescent minds when used in the wrong way. Teenagers are obsessed with this technological gift that is more likely to affect their physical and mental well being. Rather than spending time with story books or playing outside, children these days are hooked to their smartphones.

Parenting is difficult role that needs to be played with lot of love, care and affection. Smartphones are something that must be handed over to young minds under the discretion of a parent. Even if smartphones are provided for better communication and safety, the need to monitor smartphone activities of your kids is immense. Children these days need guidance at every step in their life so that they make life choices that prove to be good for their life. Sometimes parents are a little hesitant in invading the privacy of kids. They feel they are not giving enough space to their adolescent kids. But one has to understand that there is thin line between invading privacy of your kids and keeping them safe. As a parent, it is one’s responsibility to keep their dear ones safe from the hands of the online predators.

Texting: An addiction for young minds

It has often been seen that kids are glued to their smartphones texting their friends. Texting becomes an addiction especially when the topics of discussion are inappropriate for young minds. Kids are innocent minds; they tend to exchange ideas and thoughts without thinking of consequences. They trust people and love to be friends with people unknown. The digital world is not a safe place, there are criminals often disguised as a friend. In this era, where everything works at a fast pace, sharing personal pictures, videos, personal information to somebody unknown can be quite dangerous. Sometimes these people with whom our kids exchange messages turn out to be online predators who can affect our kids severely.  Sharing sexually explicit content, inappropriate pictures and videos is something you must prevent your kids from doing. Exchanging messages sharing personal information can be harmful for your kid and your family. The content shared by your kid can be used to defame your kid and can even ruin your kid’s future. They can be a victim of blackmail or may even be cyberbullied. Online cyber criminals would find a loophole to intrude in your private lives and steal your identity to do something harmful. Child text monitoring is something that every parent should follow religiously. This is very essential for a healthy future of your kids.

As a parent you should also be aware whether your child is a part of cyberbullying. They may use their phones to bully other kids. The punishment for cyberbullying can be severe depending on the age of child and also situation. Parents need to monitor their kids and keep a track of the kind of messages sent or received. Also if your child is at the receiving end of cyberbullying then it might be more harmful for your family. Kids tend to be more distressful and also violent at the same time. So it is high time for parents to save them from the dangers of digital world and gift them a beautiful future. The things that you need to do are as follows-

Set rules in smartphone usage:

You need to set restrictions as to when can your kids use the smartphone. Imposing restrictions with respect to timings can help your kids to devote more time to studies and less to smartphone. Keep smartphones away from your kids for a specific time period and let them spend time doing something productive.

Know whom your kids interact with:

It is very important for parents to know about the people with whom their kids interact regularly. Being aware of the friends group of your teenage kid can help you to know and identify people that may harm your kids. For safety, security and well being of your kid it is very important that you know your kid’s comfortable zone.

Spend quality time with them:

Spending quality time with your kids is very important especially when your kids are growing. Their adolescent period is that crucial time when you need to be with them. Spend some quality time with them so that they can trust you and share everything with you. The more time you will spend with them, the less they would feel lonely.

Go for a monitoring app:

A child smartphone monitoring app can help you to keep track of the messages sent or received. Though it is advisable to spend more time with your kids, parents should go for a monitoring app that can help them to keep a track of their kid’s activities. Kids are smart and they might hide things from you, so go for a monitoring app that logs messaging activities. You can sit relaxed and from a secured online panel keep a track of all the messages sent and received along with the contacts. In a discrete manner you can check all the messages that your kid is sending to people. Also if required you can block certain contacts and prevent your kids from calling or texting them. If you feel that your dear one is spending too much of time texting, you can even lock text messaging feature for a certain time in a day.

Keeping your kids away from all sorts of online danger is something very important. You need to educate them about how internet, smartphones and tablets can be useful and also harmful at the same time. It all depends on how they use it. Technology has come up with amazing discoveries, but one needs to be wise enough to use it in a fruitful manner. The need to educate them about reality is very important especially when they are growing up. So be their friend and stay with them through thick and thin, be their trustworthy friend and prevent them from doing anything wrong.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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