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‘Imaging of Things’ is imperative for ‘Internet of Things’

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With the dawn of IoT, the world has been steering into a futuristic dynamics. Today, there has been a gradual co-dependency on technology to drive social as well as personal lives. As societies familiarize withtechnological advancements, they become qualified to take benefit of Information Technology and enable communication amongst devices without human intervention.

A ‘thing’, in the world of IoT, can be used to refer to a human with a heart monitor implant, an animal with a biochip, or a car that has built-in sensors to communicate with other cars without a driver — or any other natural or man-made thing that can be assigned an IP address and provided with the ability to exchange information over a network. This is because every device connected has its own processing power which can be assigned to process data and perform processing tasks. These tasks are primarily the ones for which the device of IoT product has been fashioned.

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