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IFS to release new IoT solution for data analytics

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Illinois-based ERP provider IFS launches software for managing data from IoT devices.

Illinois-based ERP provider IFS has launched the IFS IoT Business Connector, a new software product for managing data from internet of things devices.

IFS IoT Business Connector claims it will enhance the use of IoT data for maintenance and manufacturing processes. The product connects with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite for communicating with devices and generating data analytics as well as having open APIs to connect with other IoT platforms.

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The software is divided into a number different features such as the IFS IoT Controller for guidance on what action to take based off the data analysis; IFS IoT Gateway for secure communication of data; and IFS IoT Discovery Manager for managing data using the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.

According to IFS CTO Dan Matthews, the product will allow an easier means for customers to start using the internet of things, gather data, and put it to use.

The IFS IoT Business Connector is scheduled for general release in early 2017 but is currently being deployed by a number of clients in several industries like factory maintenance, mining, midwater drilling and pest control. This includes drilling contractor Songa Offshore, Hecla Mining, pest control company Anticimex, and factory maintenance and IT services firm ATS.

ATS joined the early adopter program to leverage data from the IoT technology it already uses, said Christopher Lebeau, ATS’ automation director of IT.

“By connecting our field service value chain we are able to automate our processes in a new way and use the insights to make smarter business decisions,” he said.

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