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IFS beats off SAP and QAD for manufacturer

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Challenges of rapid growth

Plastics 7A has grown substantially since its founding in 1989. It now has 450 employees and a turnover of €45 million. It is now a tier one supplier to the major automobile manufacturers including Volkswagen, Peugeot, Ford, Bentley and Lamborghini.

As a tier 1 supplier it needed to upgrade its internal systems to support the implementation of lean systems and comply with IATF standards. These standards are comprehensive, with individual manufacturers also providing separate additional requirements. The documentation for Ford alone runs to 46 pages.

With further expansion plans Plastics 7A needed to upgrade its ERP solution to support that growth. Interestingly one of its main objectives was to reduce the maintenance costs for its legacy ERP. One suspects that Plastics 7A was paying for the development work of the Lyonsoft solution, Inyecplas. IFS will additionally provide improved reporting functionality and better measurement of KPI’s. Moving to a globally recognised solution will also help ensure that their decision is future proofed.

Carlos González, CEO, Plastic 7A commented: “We are convinced that IFS Applications will be a key contributing factor in the growth of Plastic 7A.”

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