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IBM Smarter SAP Retail Solution

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Over the past four decades, we have been witnessing the technology revolution era. Innovations like the internet, smart devices, Facebook and Twitter transformed the end consumers’ demands and positioned new business requirements into the retail industry, but are retailers ready to meet those requirements? The truth is far away as what you can imagine, most retailers spend two-thirds of their IT budget to keep existing, outdated infrastructure running—wasting resources and energy that could be spent improving key business functions.

 Customers are expecting on one hand real-time and accurate information about product availability, stock information and details. On the other hand, the customer’s shopping experience needs to be designed to provide personalize solutions rather than segmenting it in large clusters. Most important as the customer’s individual experience is being reflected in the social media with a huge impact within the social channels perception …However, retailers are still facing fundamental operational issues around stock accuracy, markdown planning and access to valuable information.

 The IBM SAP Smarter Retail Solution is the IBM value proposition to help retailers to overcome their current challenges, our vision is to revolutionize the Back-Office Transformation and help retailers to manage their ecosystem relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers while also improving visibility to organizational performance across the enterprise in the following functional areas:

  • Record to Report
  • Procure to Pay
  • Logistics Execution
  • Sales to Revenue

Our goal is to leverage the latest advances in IT design using SAP integrated applications to help eliminate waste and reduce the time and cost to deploy new applications and functionality, while at the same time improving overall IT security and operational efficiency.

The IBM SAP Smarter Retail Solution is a pre-configured environment which can be deployed and managed as a cloud software-as-a-service offering as well as an on premise solution. The Solution, built on the IBM and SAP Cloud Alliance, harnesses the recent revolution in cloud, analytic, mobile, social, and security (CAMSS) technologies to drive operational efficiency and security, reduce costs, and keep your technology current so that you can focus on core business activities.

IBM Smarter Retail Solution - 70+ Business Scenarios

IBM Smarter Retail Solution – 70+ Business Scenarios

IBM Smarter Retail Solution Real Time Analytic

IBM Smarter Retail Solution Real Time Intelligence

IBM Smarter Product Lookup

IBM Smarter Product Lookup

IBM Smarter Enterprise Structure Setup

IBM Smarter Enterprise Structure Setup


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