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IBM is partnering with QxBranch on quantum computing

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IBM announced this week that it’s partnering with a group of startups to further develop quantum computing.

A D.C. startup is among them.

Through the partnership, QxBranch will get access to technology in its Q network, which launched in December 2017. It’s among the first startups to do so. The access will be on the same level as corporate partners, with deeper access to APIs and software tools, as well as consultations. QxBranch will also provide feedback.

“It provides us with opportunity to develop and validate commercial applications for business and government,” said QxBranch CEO Michael Brett. Among those areas could be quantum chemistry, or logistics and supply chain.

Brett added that IBM is “one of the world leaders in quantum computing technology and certainly the leader in making it accessible in helping to make an ecosystem of users.”

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