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IBM expands security cover with IoT, automobile testing services

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IBM’s Security arm recently launched its security testing for (IoT) and automobiles, which will be bundled with their X-Force Red and Watson offerings.

Security reaches over 100 Indian customers like DHFL and to mitigate cyber threat, by aiding clients in either setting up their own on-premises Security Operations Center (SOCs) or availing and facilities from the Security Command Centre in Bangalore.

“Our penetration testers were fascinated by automobiles and with Petya and generating so much publicity it is just a matter of time before you turn on your car and you get a message that you have to pay so many to unlock it,” said Marc Zadelhoff, General Manager, Security.
Security solutions provider Quickheal’s latest report observed a 16 per cent hike in attacks in the quarter ended June 30. The report further said, targeted attacks by using fileless and memory-based are expected to increase in the coming days. (Internet of Things) devices are expected to be targeted at a higher scale as it was evident in the case of Mirai and Persirai botnet attacks. Attackers are increasingly using Remote Desktop (RDS) feature to enter into targeted systems by acquiring weak login credentials, password stealer software and credential access techniques said the report.
researchers have worked extensively with and suppliers across and the US to develop use cases that would help them tackle situations where devices were remotely hacked. While the research did not include Indian car manufacturers, Zadelhoff sees it as an unavoidably global requirement here. India was the third worst affected country when the Ransomware attack crippled in May this year.
“These are research projects that are customized to because the devices themselves differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. We are leveraging an platform used by 8000 clients across the world called QRadar,” he added.
Qradar pulls information from various sources across the globe. The engine further processes it. IBM’s latest partnership with adds to the networking solution by reducing gaps in the data flow where it can be leaked.
“We (Xforce) have traps and censors across the internet to help capture data. We are using honeypots, forums on dark web and sensors across the world to pick information on security threats in cooperation with teams,” added Zadelhoff. revenues from security and grew 5 per cent and 6 per cent respectively each in the June quarter compared to the year ago.
Zadelhoff said that business critical data within organisations is constantly being targeted and it can be overwhelming for those tasked with defending it. Whether it’s data, sensitive employee information or intellectual property, this data is valuable to criminals. “In India, having an Incident Response team saved an organisation an average of 1,077 INR per compromised record. In addition, following some of the security basics will also help organizations stay ahead of threats targeting their valuable information, “he added.
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