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IBM enhances Watson Data Platform, with an eye towards AI

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IBM is announcing today new capabilities in the Watson Data Platform (WDP), part of the IBMCloud. As ZDNet’s Larry Dignan wrote about in September, IBM’s spin and strategy are to make WDP into a “data science operating system.” Put another way, IBM is looking for it to be a premier platform for AI.

Composed of numerous services including managed NoSQL databases, Watson Machine Learning and cognitive APIs for natural language understanding, visual recognition, chatbots and more, IBM is enhancing the platform with new features.

Catalog, refinery and governance, oh my!
First off, IBM is adding to its Data Catalog and Data Refinery offerings with features intended to amplify data enrichment and data cleansing capability. By doing so, the company believes, customers will be better able to create data sets that are more comprehensive, and of higher quality. When combined with feature engineering work (determining columns in a data set that are germane to predicting the value of others), such data sets can be used to create superior machine learning models.

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Article Credit: ZDNet

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