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IBM Announced New IBM Cloud Private Software Platform

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The new IBM Cloud Private software platform is designed to help companies unlock billions of dollars in technology investment in core data and applications and extend cloud-native tools across public and private clouds.

IBM Cloud Private is another step in IBM’s support for organizations to create, deploy and manage apps in the cloud environment of their choice. IBM and Google recently announced an effort to create an open source the Grafeas project to help developers with the security of containers. Last month, IBM released Open Liberty, a new lightweight, open-source version of its WebSphere Liberty Java application server, to make it easier for developers to get apps up and running in any cloud environment.

IBM has worked with every major systems vendor to ensure IBM Cloud Private is compatible with their technology including systems from Cisco, Dell, EMC, Intel, Lenovo, and NetApp, as well as IBM Systems and Storage.

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Article Credit: ARCWeb

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