Wed. Mar 17th, 2021
IoT Data

IoT Data-The Internet of Things is here to stay, as an exponential growth of its use is being observed in recent years in a broad range of industries. From wearable devices to agriculture, E-government facilities, supply chain and smart cities, the smart concept is marshaling along the technological frontier.

Privacy and security vulnerabilities are the main concerns when it comes to IoT, as the amount of user data involved is colossal in scale. Cyber-attacks are a reality, as the variety of systems involved and the lack of homogeneity in the infrastructure makeup are leaving plenty of loopholes that attackers can exploit and gain access to the data. The advent of blockchain has heralded a new wave of interest in IoT as the technology’s characteristics of resiliency, integrity support, anonymity, decentralization and autonomous control are making it an attractive alternative to centralized systems in the fight for security and privacy.

In With The Big Boys

Corporations and businesses have appreciated the prospects of blockchain technology in its application in the IoT sector and are actively conducting research in the domain of security and privacy issues that users are so concerned about. One of the most enthusiastic and promising projects in this domain is the Credits blockchain platform, which has recently developed a product based on the company’s blockchain infrastructure, the IBM cloud system, and IBM Watson.

Providing a proper level of security is one of the most difficult tasks for companies seeking to get involved in the IoT sector. But the combination of IoT and blockchain has emerged as an effective solution to the issue alongside the integration of a host of accompanying technologies aimed at facilitating the process of integration and increasing processing speeds.

The IBM Watson infrastructure, IBM cloud system and the Credits blockchain platform have merged as a potential solution. The prototype of the system has proven that it boasts the necessary processing speeds and the storage capacities needed to handle the immense amount of transactions involved in IoT. The technical characteristics of the Credits platform make the proposed model applicable in industries, where high efficiency in data collection from sources and reaching consensus is vital for effective business processes.

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