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Humans must ‘connect brains with AI’ or face EXTINCTION in ‘robot utopia’

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robot utopia

robot utopia

AI engineer, Dr Ian Pearson, says technology is developing so rapidly we are likely to see “superhuman AI” in future.

He believes the technology will drastically surpass the ability of the human mind because it will take the form of “superhuman conscious AI”, with “emotions and agendas”.

But the ex-rocket scientist warns these robots risk wiping out normal humans because we cannot compete.

The only way to avoid this, the futurologist says, is to link our brains to AI so that we have access to the same pool of intelligence as future robots.

Writing for his tech blog, Futurizon, Dr Pearson said: “The technology potential for this is vast and very exciting, nothing less than a genuine techno-utopia if we use the technologies wisely.

“But optimum potential doesn’t automatically become reality, and achieving a good outcome is unlikely if many barriers are put in its way.”

He added: “This AI development trend will take us to superhuman AI, and it will be able to accelerate development of its own descendants to vastly superhuman AI, fully conscious, with emotions, and its own agendas.

“That will need humans to protect against being wiped out by superhuman AI.

“The only three ways we could do that are to either redesign the brain biologically to be far smarter, essentially impossible in the time-frame, to design ways to link our brains to machines, so that we have direct access to the same intelligence as the AIs.

“So a gulf doesn’t appear and we can remain relatively safe, or pray for super-smart aliens to come to our help, not the best prospect.

“Therefore we will have no choice but to make direct brain links to super-smart AI. Otherwise we risk extinction. It is that simple.”

Dr Pearson, 57, adds that he believes the technology that will enable humans to connect their brains to AI in 2045.

He added: “Best guesses for time-frame fall in the 2045-2050 range for a full working link that not only relays signals between your organic bran and an IT replica, but by doing so essentially makes external IT just another part of your brain.”

In an exclusive interview, Dr Pearson previously told Daily Star Online that he believes football robots will be better than Barcelona star Lionel Messi, 30, by the year 2045.

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Article Credit: Daily Star

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