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HR, meet AI – making work more human, according to Oracle

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Oracle’s motto for the recent bevy of updates to its Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud release is to “make work more human”. The irony of that statement, of course, is that it entails employing more technology, in particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Oracle is doing what it can to gently introduce AI to an HR audience, as there’s still some fear and lack of understanding which needs to be overcome. Emily He, Senior Vice President HCM Product Marketing, at Oracle, explains:

The other day I went to a customer meeting and while there was a break one customer came to me and said, ‘When you have AI, does it stand for A-1 or A-I?’. This is a very new concept to HR professionals and there is a great deal of fear about whether this is going to take away jobs and what’s the best way to start experimenting with AI.

To help HR professionals kick-start their AI endeavors, says He, Oracle has included some out-of-the-box apps:

It’s about making AI actionable and giving them a starting point so they can start seeing the benefits of AI and start becoming more comfortable.

This includes AI and chatbot recruiting capabilities so that candidates can search and apply for a job and can also have any questions answered. The system can also recommend actions candidates should take. Recruiting and other data can be used to pinpoint successful recruits within the company and use that algorithm to predict which candidates are likely to make successful recruits.

AI will also help cut the manual overload for staff. When someone is promoted, for example, the usual steps, such as changing someone’s job title, salary or direct report will be done automatically. He points out that recruitment and learning are the two most obvious front-line areas where AI is making its impact:

Recruiting is very similar to marketing and marketing is faster in adoption technology innovation than HR, so recruiters typically have a marketing-oriented mind-set and are trying to use the latest and greatest communications vehicles…There’s a lot of talk about AI for recruiting either in using it to support the candidate experience and to use AI to identify the best candidates possible.

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