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HPE unveils Operations Bridge management suite driven by analytics

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HPE unveils Operations Bridge management suite driven by analytics

IT operations platform uses HPE’s Vertica SQL analytics engine

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a new IT operations suite driven by analytics, intended to streamline infrastructure management and provide administrators with a real-time dashboard view of application performance.

Available now, HPE Operations Bridge Suite is capable of automatically discovering and monitoring an organisation’s infrastructure, as well as the applications and software environments running on it, including OpenStack cloud platforms such as HPE’s own Helion OpenStack.

It can also monitor public cloud resources on platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services used as part of a hybrid deployment, HPE said.

The suite is powered by HPE’s Vertica SQL analytics engine, which analyses data generated by all sources across the infrastructure. It also includes Operations Manager i, Operations Bridge Reporter, Operations Analytics, Operations Orchestration, Automated Service Modeller and HPE Cloud Optimiser.

“To keep pace with constantly evolving business environments, IT teams need tools that harness big data to optimise their fluid infrastructure landscape,” said HPE’s senior vice president and general manager for IT operations management Tony Sumpster.

To do this, the suite provides administrators with a dashboard of real-time information and application status visibility, and helps business stakeholders visualise the dependencies between IT and business performance, HPE said.

The suite provides enhanced automation capabilities for managing IT infrastructure and, thanks to Vertica, is able to accelerate root cause detection by analysing past event data and predicting subsequent events.

“HPE Operations Bridge Suite helps customers transform IT organisations from a cost function to a value creator by simplifying and automating IT operations, and gives unique real-time visibility to help executives make decisions faster,” Sumpster said.

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