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How to Use IoT Tech to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

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There are simple ways in which to winterize your home through IoT tech. You can use a smart thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature at the right times of the day. Connected leak detection systems can notify you of burst pipes from afar so you can act—and more.

IoT Tech

IoT Tech

IoT Tech- When cold weather is on the way, it’s essential to get your home ready to help you and your family beat the impending chill and to avoid cold-weather damage.

Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets could help you make progress in those goals. Here are six tips to winterize your home with help from IoT tech, thereby transforming your home into a smart home.

1. Use an App to Set Your Outdoor Lights on a Timer

Winter weather makes familiar surfaces treacherous. Cold weather brings specific dangers with it, and people often fall on icy surfaces. Those accidents may be more likely to happen in poorly-lit areas if individuals don’t notice the ice.

Consider investing in smart outdoor lights that turn on and off as needed. For example, you might set them to turn on five minutes before you typically arrive home from work.

Having your lights activate at a specified time is also helpful if you want to give the impression that you’re home when the house is vacant. Many people take advantage of the winter weather to go on ski vacations, or they may go to a warmer place for weeks at a time to escape the cold.

2. Install a Leak Detection System

Leaks can happen at any time of the year. They’re most common during the winter months in cold regions because of the possibility of frozen pipes. Sometimes, you may not know a pipe has burst, causing a leak. That’s especially likely if the problem happened in a part of the smart home you don’t always use, such as the basement.

By installing a leak detection system, or even a smart security system, you can monitor your smart home for any possible leaks during the winter, even while you might be visiting friends or family elsewhere.

Jason Metzger of PURE Insurance recently told an industry publication about a client who was away from home on vacation during some especially cold weather. The client’s smart alarm detected movement in their home, but instead of finding a burglar, they found a rather significant leak. “The smart alarm picked up the water intrusion that had come from four burst pipes in the attic,” Metzger said.

3. Get a Smart Thermostat to Maintain a Consistent Indoor Temperature

There’s no need for people to shiver uncomfortably when the temperature plummets. A smart thermostat allows people to set their desired indoor temperature with an app, plus monitor how their energy use changes with the seasons.

An advantage of a smart thermostat is you can monitor temperature conditions even when away from home. Keeping the environment warm enough in an empty residence could prevent complications in cold weather.

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