Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

In America, more than 70% of the freight moves by trucking. Do you own a business that imports or exports merchandise to and from various countries? If you nod yes, then you must be aware of the importance of having a sound clearing and forwarding company. Freight services are available from several companies. However, how many of them can deliver your goods without delays and other inconveniences? If you are starting or need to change the company you have been working with, then you are reading the right piece. You do not have to make a mistake or keep shifting from one dealer to another. It only takes you one thing, and that is a careful evaluation of the potential freight service providers. But what features do you check?

Do They Have a Network of Agents?

The best company is that which has a network with agents in different parts of the world. You may be taking the goods to China, but the firm only has connections in other states such as India or Germany. In that case, your cargo may not get proper handling when they get to the destination. The ideal thing is getting a company with connections in the specific country you are sending the goods.

How Is Their Customer Service?

How the employees treat you in your first consultation with the company tells one a lot about them. Do they get back to you fast enough when making inquiries? Are you getting the right attention and response to questions? The ideal freight forwarder should be ready to take even the new customers through the process and make them understand it. If everything does not feel right about their communication, you better keep going.

Do They Have Adequate Experience?

Freight services are more than just shipping the goods. There are several processes which the company ought to follow, such as customs and warehousing. Inexperienced companies may face complications that cause a delay in the delivery of cargo. Therefore, look for firms with several years of the industry’s experience and be sure your shipment remains safe and get to the destination conveniently.

Are They Able to Handle Different Shipments?

Freight services may vary like ocean transportation, land, or air transportation. At one time, you may need to get goods from a country like China, and prefer to use ocean transport. However, you need to determine if the same freight forwarding company will still be able to move your cargo through air transport if the need arises. You need a freight forwarder with full capacity to meet all your needs.

Do They Have Cargo Insurance?

Insurance is a requirement for all firms, although you should take the initiative to check the kind of policy they have. Accidents happen any time, and you need to know what to expect compensation in case of unfortunate damage or loss to your goods.

Are There References Available?

The company is the right choice if there are people who can attest to their quality of service. Look for people who got their cargo delivered by the company and hear their opinion.

Are you looking forward to your first export or import? Follow the guidelines and make your cargo movement more peaceful.


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