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How is SAP helping organisations with their digital transformation?

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SAP is one of these digital transformation ‘consultants’, helping organisations in their pursuit of becoming an intelligent enterprise

SAP digital transformation

SAP digital transformation

SAP digital transformation- Digital transformation is a journey. And, this journey is just as important as the destination — the destination is to become an intelligent enterprise that satisfies customers and employees.

A lot of organisations have decided they’re going to do digitally transform, but often, they struggle with it.

There are myths to debunk before embarking on this digital journey. Many stakeholders, for example, think that digital transformation is just about updating or changing systems, which is a somewhat cynical approach to digital transformation.

SAP’s view (and others) is that digital transformation should have a much more profound affect on an organisation’s assets; it impacts data but most importantly, it also impacts people, both as consumers of things that have been digitally transformed, but also as creators, constructors and builders of digital transformation.

It’s a fascinating arena, and one that we have explored at length this month.

We wanted to go further, and in this Q&A, Mark Darbyshire — CTO, data and database management at SAP UK — discusses SAP’s role in organisational transformation and some best practice advice for you, the reader.

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How is SAP helping organisations with their digital transformation? Do you see yourselves as digital transformation consultants?

We are digital transformation consultants; we have journeys and roadmaps and customer pathways that capture digital transformations for particular industries, or for organisations that have particular constraints.

But for us we also want people to think about the goal. Don’t digitally transform just for digital transformation’s sake. You want to transform digitally so that your enterprise is more agile, it’s faster, it’s more nimble, it’s more optimised. And these are all examples of intelligence.

Are they any cross-industry trends?

I think at SAP we have the pleasure of having 25 core industries — whether it’s retailtelecoms or marketing.

What we tend to find is that the majority of industries want to start on digital transformations that are people facing [user experience, APIs, customer experience, employee experience, partner experience]. That can be relatively straightforward or consistent, in terms of cross-industry demand.

But we’re also cognisant that a lot of industries have a lot of constraints when it comes to reaching out to people, interacting with people, and trying to be intelligent with their interaction with people; things like GDPR, for example, make that potentially more complicated in some industries.

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