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CRM Integration-Did you know that using a CRM could improve your sales by almost 30 percent? Of course, any improvement can only be realized when you successfully install and use the CRM.

To that end, you need to focus on CRM integration. Only when a CRM system is properly integrated can you leverage its full potential.

What benefits does CRM integration have, and how do you achieve it? This guide has everything you need to know.

What a CRM Does

A customer relationship management system helps you do what the name says. CRMs help you manage your relationships with customers.

More important, they allow you to automate some aspects of managing those relationships. As your business grows, it becomes more difficult to remember who you need to follow up with. The CRM can take those tasks off your hands.

The system also allows you to grow your sales more effectively. If you’re using content marketing to discover new leads, it would be a shame not to follow up on them.

The CRM allows you to follow up with ease. The system can grade each prospect, then assign a salesperson to get in touch. It also shares information such as which webpages the lead visited and when their last visit was.

A properly integrated CRM system also boosts sales with existing customers. You can use information about their previous orders to determine what other products they might like. You might even be able to send reminders about restocking.

CRM Integration is the Key

Of course, the CRM can only do all that if it’s integrated with your other systems.

For example, a CRM that isn’t integrated with your website can’t collect information about your new leads. When someone fills out a contact form, you have to enter that information into your CRM by hand.

The same is true if your CRM isn’t integrated with the other systems you use. If you don’t integrate with your order database, your sales team won’t know about customers’ recent purchases.

That can lead to a whole host of problems. You may spend too much time moving data between systems. You could spend that time talking to customers instead.

You also might not be able to offer customers deals that interest them or to follow up in a timely manner. This leads to lost sales and lost leads.

How Do You Integrate Your CRM?

Now you’re asking how you can integrate your CRM.

The first step is to find the right CRM for your business. Some may offer you built-in integration with systems you’re already using.

Integration may also depend on the type of CRM you choose. There are two main types of CRM:

  • Software
  • Service

With software, you download and install the CRM on your machines. With a service, the programs are hosted in the cloud.

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