Thu. Mar 18th, 2021
Big Data Digital Marketing
Big Data Digital Marketing
Big Data Digital Marketing

Big Data Digital Marketing- Gone are the days when marketing decisions were guided by intuition and experience. Important marketing decisions are now determined by big data. This refers to the study and application of big, complex datasets, which cannot be processed by traditional data-processing applications. These figures generate insights that can lead to better business decisions and strategic moves. The application of the right technology improves the quality of decision making and detailing processes.

As the number of outputs and customer characteristics have increased, companies are faced with huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data. This level of processing is beyond the capacity of traditional databases and software techniques. JumpFactor

I use Google Analytics extensively in my work and also have my hands on a couple of big data tools. Digital marketing is my area of expertise, so I know where businesses can start when using big data in digital marketing. In this article, you will learn three examples of how big data can be leveraged for digital marketing success.

Designing Better Marketing Campaigns

Big data enables companies to better target the core needs of customers by developing rich and informative content. Let’s understand how it helps companies collect data about customer behaviors. One example is cookie files. They collect information about customers’ activities as they browse the internet, generating personalized data in the process.

Campaigns that use big data are more effective than aggregative advertising used in the past. The good thing about using big data for creating marketing campaigns is that it takes the guesswork out of determining what customers want. Marketers can develop different buyer personas using data like customer behavior, purchasing patterns, favorites and background. For example, they may find that women are more likely to respond to email campaigns, use coupons and engage in bargains and deals, and shape their digital marketing campaign from there.

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