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How Artificial Intelligence and IoT are transforming real estate

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Said Haider talks how Yardi’s powerful solutions benefit all – from landlords to tenants


Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Artificial Intelligence and IoT-Technology is constantly evolving and making our lives easier. Said Haider, regional director of Middle East sales for real estate technology provider Yardi, believes that new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are also changing the real estate landscape. Business models are changing, mainly because of digitisation and advancing capabilities of applications, Haider said. Yardi is investing heavily in real estate technology, also known as proptech, developing innovative solutions to have a major influence on the industry.

Yardi designs, develops and supports software solutions for real estate owners and managers. Its products are available for nearly every real estate vertical, including commercial, residential, investment management, homeowners associations, student housing, construction and more. Another area where technology is making a big impact is sustainability. Yardi has developed a platform called Yardi Pulse, a suite of energy solutions that handle utility billing and submetering, energy management and energy usage automation. Pulse helps Yardi clients achieve environmental goals and reduce energy costs.

Haider explains Yardi’s support for the real estate sector in an interview with Property Weekly.

How do Yardi’s solutions support the property sector?

Yardi Systems was founded in 1984 as a software start-up focused on property management and has grown to become one of the largest companies in the sector. Yardi’s innovative solutions benefit everyone in the chain, from corporations and developers to investors and clients. It offers a single connected solution that meets a broad range of business needs. We help real estate companies streamline their business processes and improve quality of service, which translates to improved performance.

For example, the Yardi Voyager is an end-to-end platform combining financial and property management information in a single, centralised database — with mobile leasing, resident services, reporting dashboards and facilities management accessible from smartphones and tablets.

We will soon introduce AI and machine learning with Yardi Elevate, a suite of asset management solutions that dives deep into operational data and goes beyond presentation with predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations. This cutting-edge solution is designed to elevate portfolio performance by lowering costs, balancing risk and increasing revenue.

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