Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Hootsuite is tightening its ties to Microsoft with a series of platform integrations designed to make its social relationship management platform fit for the enterprise​.

Hootsuite first linked up with Microsoft’s chat product Yammer in 2012, making it the first enterprise social network provider to integrate into the HootSuite platform.

According to a Hootsuite representative, the company’s goal was to “figure out how we can team up to help customers leverage social through both platforms. Once we agreed, we looked at the products and integration points and went to work.”

In a blog post Tuesday, Hootsuite said its partnership with Microsoft now includes native integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint, along with more capabilities tied into Yammer.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hootsuite users can can identify and create leads, opportunities, or cases and input them directly into Dynamics online portal from the Hootsuite dashboard, where they can then be acted on by a sales or customer service team.

Companies can also attach social data to the customer record within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create a more precise portrait of each customer.

The integration of Microsoft SharePoint and Hootsuite is designed to enable teams to share social media content directly from their public and team SharePoint sites. Content from SharePoint Sites can also be brought into Hootsuite dashboard and viewed alongside social media data feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

On the collaboration front, an improved integration between Hootsuite and Yammer allows teams from any department to talk in real time as they respond to and engage with customers on social media.

Overall, the new features should help bolster the platforms of both companies. For Microsoft, the Hoostsuite integration can be seen as another move to better compete with its CRM rival Salesforce, which also integrates with Hootsuite.

For Hootsuite, the Vancouver-based company can now offer its Microsoft-using clients the ability to manage a range of social media duties from a single place — an important feature for enterprises needing to keep up with social communications as part of a CRM strategy.

Hootsuite has had its sights set on the enterprise for some time. The company partnered with IBM in August with a commitment to move its App Directory, a marketplace of social applications, to IBM’s SoftLayer cloud infrastructure. Previously, Hootsuite integrated IBM’s Silverpop software into its App Directory, while IBM began using Hootsuite to promote its series of hackathons.


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