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Hitachi unveils global Internet of Things division and Lumada platform

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Hitachi unveils global Internet of Things division and Lumada platform

Hitachi aims to take a slice of a projected $1.46tn IoT market


Hitachi has formed a new global division that will focus on delivering solutions for the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) market, at the same time unveiling a new IoT platform that pulls together relevant technologies from across Hitachi’s portfolio to deliver an adaptable enterprise-grade architecture.

The Hitachi Insight Group will be headquartered in Santa Clara in California, and will spearhead Hitachi’s unified IoT business and go-to-market strategy, the firm said.

However, although newly formed, the division takes over what is already claimed to be a $5.4bn business for Hitachi, with 33 solutions in the market and collaborations with other major IT providers including AT&T, Intel, Microsoft and SAP.

Hitachi said that uniting its digital and IoT solutions and services businesses will allow the firm to capture market share in a fast-growing sector that some predict will be worth $1.46tn by 2020.

“IoT represents a critical inflection point in which the interests of business, industry and society are intersecting and aligning like never before,” said Kevin Eggleston, general manager for the Americas at Hitachi Insight Group.

“The formation of Hitachi Insight Group will now enable us to take Hitachi’s vision for social innovation to the next level, as we move our IoT business into the next critical phase of its evolution.”

Hitachi Insight Group also unveiled Lumada, an IoT core platform designed to address Hitachi’s model of the broader IoT arena.

The company explained that there is a “technological and experience divide” between the low-level infrastructure, comprising IT systems and operations technology, and the business solutions sitting at the top of the stack.

Lumada is designed to bridge this gap by encouraging customers to start with a business objective rather than a specific platform or technology, the firm said.

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