CeBIT Australia 2015 is now over, but what a great event to be part of. Spread over three days at Sydney’s Olympic Park, a diverse mix of technologies and innovations were on show from robots that could play football, smart drones that could fly automated using GPS and geospatial data, through to 3D printers, low-powered LED lighting and a showcase of the latest Tesla Model S electric car that everyone was eager to get a seat in – and catch a selfie!

For all us geeks at heart, there really was plenty of cool stuff for us to get our hands on!

Moving away from the trendy gadgets and gismos were a host of business solutions from the start-ups through to big organisations like IBM who were showing their Watson platform. Pronto Software exhibited again this year, and if there was going to be an award for best stand design, I think they’d have been in the running for it! I lost count of the number of times passers-by commented on how much they liked the stand. It was also a personal highlight for me to attend the CeBIT Awards Gala Dinner and represent Pronto where we were a finalist for Top Business Solution.

It was no surprise that key trends in ICT continue to be around cloud, mobility, security, big data, analytics and integration technologies. From exciting start-ups offering online shopping experiences, touch screen keyboard designs for smart watches, to marketing tools to produce polished video content straight from your iPhone, there was a lot on show – you just needed about a week to talk to everyone and dig out some of the gems!

We learned hacking can be child’s play

Pronto’s brand philosophy has always been to make ERP as easy as ABC. In comparison, I discovered how easy hacking can be too!

Kevin Mitnick, a transformed black hat hacker (bad guy) to a white hat one (good guy) demonstrated ways to penetrate Enterprise security, user bank accounts, PCs, Macs and even gain physical access to buildings using a series of techniques, gadgets and malware tools. Thankfully there are ways to limit exposure, and that includes greater use of biometric security and adoption of better end-user processes by employees. It certainly was an eye-opener for me.

His talk was entitled ‘The Art of Deception: How hackers and con artists manipulate you and what you can do about it’. I’d encourage you all to go check it out, it was the highlight for me.

Were you at CeBIT Australia 2015? What were your highlights? 

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