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High-flying Shooter ‘Skyfront VR’ to Hit Steam Early Access November 10th

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Sky front VR, the upcoming multiplayer arena first-person shooter from Levity Play, is coming to Steam Early Access on November 10th, including support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Setting it apart from more ‘traditional’ VR shooters, Sky front VR boasts a unique locomotion style that supposedly offers a fast-paced, nausea-free experience.

Set in 2700 CE, when humanity has mastered the laws of physics, players battle in zero-gravity arenas made from the cities of old in a remembrance of a past civilization-ending war that took place 400 years earlier. In the case of the trailer, it looks like one of the first maps has you shooting it out among architecture lifted from a typical Greek island like Santorini or Mykonos.

From what we’ve seen, Sky front VR’s locomotion scheme appears to have much more in common with arcade flight sims like EVE: Valkyrie (2016) than more ‘traditional style’ VR shooters like Onward (2016). The Superman-style flight mechanic is done by moving your hands, “translating to 1:1 movement in this virtual, zero-gravity space.” This, according to Levity Play, forces players to consciously guide their in-game movements with their physical body, which helps eliminate the sensory conflict that often occurs when movement is dictated by a joystick.

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