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The Hidden Truths of Oracle Database Support

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If your company is like most companies, you have an Oracle database problem. You might be using more databases and versions of databases than your company is aware of. And there is a good chance you’re running databases under the false belief they’re all fully supported. Either way, many companies face big risks with neglected database systems. Let’s take a closer look.

In a recent enterprise Oracle database survey, we discovered that most companies have multiple database instances — over 75% of the survey respondents have more than 10 database instances, while 33% have more than 100 instances, and up to 8% have more than 1,000. Database environments are complex, and a large number of instances can make it difficult to monitor and maintain a database landscape. In fact, nearly half of all respondents didn’t even know what was in their database environments — or they said they thought they knew, but were wrong.

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