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Here’s How SAP Is Reinventing Itself

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SAP Is Reinventing Itself

SAP Is Reinventing Itself

SAP Is Reinventing Itself- Last month, the open source community welcomed yet another project to its ever-expanding cache of open source initiatives. Microsoft Inc. (MSFT), in partnership with SAP SE (SAP) and Adobe Systems Inc.(ADBE), announced the launch of the Open Data Initiative, which aims to put customers in full control of their own data by eliminating data silos and combining all the information that companies retain on individual customers into a single real-time and renewable package. The software giants will agree on common data standards that will enable the secure exchange of data across systems.

That marked the latest round of collaboration between the software powerhouses and a culmination of the giant cloud deal signed last year between Microsoft and SAP. The two companies have increasingly been cozying up to each other, something that belies the fact that they remain fierce competitors in the EPR market. Microsoft is the world’s largest enterprise software vendor while SAP is the world leader in “back-office” ERP financial control systems.

I will not discuss the merits of the deal here. SAP has given Open Data a nice AI tilt, which will form part of my thesis.

Curiously, SAP shares have slipped more than 4% since that event. SAP shares have performed poorly since its Q2 2018 earnings call as investors focus on the weakness in the company’s legacy software license business.

But maybe they need to dig a little deeper.

SAP Intelligent ERP

At a basic level, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software integrates the processes needed to run a company including functions such as finance, HR, services, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and others.

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