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Here’s How Big Data is Changing The World

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Big Data is the fashionable term people use in describing an amazing technology that solves massive problems. The problems that until recently seemed impossible to solve are now believed can be sorted out, thanks to the collection and analysis of a huge amount of data.

It is clear that Big Data is here to stay and, although sometimes we cannot see the magnitude of the change, it is clear that the data is changing the world as we know it.

Are you clear about why Big Data is so important? Here are ten reasons to convince you of its importance.

Reduce the Risk in Business

A recent PwC report suggests that cybersecurity threats are growing at an unprecedented rate: in 2015, these incidents increased by 38%. The big data plays a very important role in containing this worrying trend.

Big data can not only help in the cybernetic field, but it can also do it in front of another type of threats for the business that companies face every day, and that can be mitigated thanks to the correct analysis and use of data.

Take Advantage of Customer Information

Although it is very important to study the client to offer the best possible experience, it is time to attend to an element that until now was not taken too much into account: the context. Not only for the people who are in it but for what they are doing in it at a certain time.

Knowing the context in which the client is located gives us the clues about his behavior

Improve the Efficiency of Services and Products

Companies have more data than ever and can see your business from different perspectives. Big Data results in organizations making product development processes more efficient, improve product quality and reduce overall costs.

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Article credit: Entrepreneur

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