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Headspace app acquires AI: Your phone could soon be your meditation coach

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Headspace is one of the biggest meditation apps in the game with 31 million usersand a new acquisition is going to make it even better.

The Californian-based company has announced it has acquired an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up called Alpine.AI, for an undisclosed amount.

Alpine uses machine learning for conversation platforms. When you’re on a website or in an app and a little chat box pops up, it’s companies like Alpine.AI that make the technology behind this.

Where Headspace will start using Alpine’s tech will be along the lines of new conversational experiences in the app. According to Headspace’s CTO, Paddy Hannon: “At Headspace, we are committed to meeting people where they are and we’ve already seen success in leveraging digital assistant platforms to improve user engagement.”

Headspace says it will use chat to coach people who use the app to build healthy routines. This should help improve your meditation game by allowing you to interact with a chat bot to ask questions about how to ensure you’re doing the right things.

The company has fully embraced AI and you can already access the Headspace app through the Google Home and Amazon Echosmart speakers, so you can carry out daily meditations without your smartphone.

But, it’s interesting that Headspace is adding these AI techniques particularly because earlier this year it revealed it is developing the world’s first prescription meditation app.

Set to be released in 2020, Headspace Health, as it will be called, will allow doctors to prescribe using the app to assist patients in dealing with physical conditions such as asthma and pain management.

Headspace’s co-founder and CEO, Rich Pierson, said Headspace Health was about the company’s mission to “improve health and happiness around the world.”

In the same way that there are apps which use AI to remind you to take your medication, Headspace’s AI could be helpful in reminding you to meditate today or try out a new technique to help you in your meditation journey.

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