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How Hana is disrupting SAP hosting services

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Hana technology introduces some major differences from the traditional SAP architecture. The Hana architecture only runs on the Hana in-memory database management system (IMDBMS), not the traditional DBMSs from other suppliers.

This requires much larger amounts of server main memory because the entire database operates in main memory. However, the good news is that Hana databases are much smaller than traditional architecture, due to their high levels of data compression.

The Hana IMDBMS includes its own data replication features, which affect high availability and disaster recovery operations. Hana also needs new software tools to manage it, and server virtualisation is much less commonly deployed with Hana technology today than with traditional SAP architecture.

More expensive

Client feedback consistently shows that larger Hana appliances are more expensive than traditional servers.

If running on-premise Hana will be too complex or costly, sourcing executives can also evaluate Hana hosted services or consider public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployments.

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