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Gwalior Alcobrew engages Sage Software Solutions for streamlining manufacturing processes

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Nagpur, Maharashtra, India : Gwalior Alcobrew Pvt .Ltd., an alco-bev company having its unit at Gwalior is the largest producer of spirits in Madhya Pradesh. With the plant sprawling over hundreds of acres, GAPL is one of the largest plants for producing grain based spirits in the country and was the first distillery in the state of Madhya Pradesh to produce grain based spirits during its installation.
With this sheer magnitude of size and processes, GAPL soon started facing a concern for keeping all its processes streamlined and accessible in a single view. “We had multiple systems for tracking different processes.” Says Mr. P.V.Murlidharan, General Manager, “this soon started posing a huge functional problem for us as we did not have a single view of our manufacturing unit and relied on different systems for different set of data. This would lead to delay in identifying lacuna in the process and eventually a delay in taking strategic decisions. When we realised this problem, we wanted a solution that would help us get rid of all the multiple systems and gave us control of all our processes along with a complete control of the inventory from putting in request, purchasing, financing, procurement to disbursement. We previously used spreadsheets and excel to maintain our data but we needed a solution which would make this data actionable. This was when, we evaluated options and found Sage X3 to be a possiblesolution for our business”.
Sage X3, a browser based ERP solution for manufacturing units from Sage Software Solutions has been made to adapt to all business and simplify all the complex processes. It is a simplest and the most flexible solution available which seamlessly automates all core functions into one cohesive platforms. The core functionalities that can be automated from Sage X3 are:
Financial management – With a flexible accounting structure, Sage X3 can manage multi ledger and multi chart of accounts while keeping taxation and statutory requirements in mind.
Inventory Management – An end to end inventory tracker from requisition to disbursement along with mapping the inventory with the employee can be managed in a single view from Sage X3.
Accelerated Sales – With the freedom of updating and accessing data from anywhere, any device and any time, Sage X3 empowers the sales team to be where the business is happening and close deals faster.
Manufacturing- Sage X3 supports planning, scheduling, and production control activities for both process and discrete manufacturing. It is also flexible enough to adapt to unique or mixed manufacturing modes.
Reporting- Real-time analytics, alerts, and notifications empower an organization’s personnels across departments to respond quickly to changing business conditions.
“Sage X3 for manufacturing is not your typical ERP system. It works towards eliminating the complexity of supporting an international business by simplifying management of international trade, suppliers, contractors and customers. Being flexible in nature, Sage X3 is suitable for manufacturing units in India who have to deal with the complexities of a lot of processes along with taxation and statutory requirements which also, can be streamlined by the system,” says Mr. Jitendra Somani, CEO of Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
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