Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

We see kids hooked with their smartphone and this causes many problems related to their physical and mental health. This is the reason that tech experts suggest parents to manage their kids’ use of mobile devices. The mobile must be accompanied by a balance in leisure time and entertainment and a series of rules to facilitate reasonable use. Here are some guidelines that may be of interest:

  1. Dedicate an exclusive time to social relationships. Sometimes extracurricular activities and a hectic schedule do not facilitate a time to spend quietly with friends.
  2. Favour the sport, and better if it is in a team (soccer, basketball…).
  3. Take care of educational, leisure and free time (contact with nature, games…).
  4. Limit the time spent in front of the mobile. Establish a standard in the amount of hours spent in front of a mobile to help them manage and prioritize the most important moments in which to connect.
  5. Eat with the mobile off or put it on do not disturb
  6. Study without the presence of the mobile and encourage reading.
  7. Monitor the applications that are downloaded and the inappropriate contents that they can use.
  8. Remove mobile phones from the rooms before going to sleep.

When we talk about standards, many parents say they feel overwhelmed by not knowing how to limit the use of mobile. To facilitate this task, there are applications available to download on your mobile phone such as FamilyTime – screen limit app. Through this program, parents can know how much real time their children spend on their mobile and in what programs they invest that time. The program allows you to:

  1. Set a daily limit in which your children can be hooked to your children’s cell phone (30 min, 1 hour… you decide.).
  2. Select a time slot in which you can block their mobile: time to sleep, eat, school or as long as you want your child not to be connected.
  3. Block unwanted apps (Instagram, Clash Royale, Snapchat…).
  4. In addition, the application sends you a record detailing the time of use, the applications visited by your child and the facilities for new programs.
  5. Allows you to monitor calls and SMS threads, so your child can go with the phone to school, on outings or wherever you want, limiting the use to the functions you have decided.

It is no longer necessary to act as a detective, asking them to leave their mobile phones or asking them what they do with it. Through this type of applications, they are the ones that ask for more time of mobile use and from your mobile you increase the time or unlock the programs you want.

Do you wish to give this app a free try? Go now to the app store on your phone and get the trial version from there.

As we say it more often, giving a mobile can be a comfort or trend… as long as you continue to respect a space and time to share with friends, family or engage in other types of activities. We, the parents, decide how we want the mobile to transform our children. Happy parenting!

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