Tue. Mar 16th, 2021

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Lead Gen

We offer bespoke lead gen service which helps businesses reach their target customers using their USP. We invest a lot of time and resources in our customer upfront and we are so confident of results, that the first 5 leads are complimentary. Customer only pays for subsequent leads, if they are happy with our quality of service and lead.

Email us at einlistens@erpinnews.com

Brand building

This  service is to help enhance your familiarity within the Global Enterprise Tech community. This is often a custom made service tailored to your needs with measurable outcomes. Again we are happy to receive payment only when the results are achieved.

Email us at einlistens@erpinnews.com

Content Service

Sometimes good businesses may not have the right story telling skills, which hampers their ability be known and grow their reach. EIN offers content service  such businesses to bridge this gap.

Email us at einlistens@erpinnews.com

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