Google is gaining momentum as an IT services provider to the consultancy industry. Jeroen Hovinga, Sales Marketing Director at GeeFirm, one of the first firms to provide an ERP solution exclusively via the Google ecosystem, reflects on the trend.

‘Google? Are you kidding?’ Until recently, Google did not play any serious role whatsoever in the professional services market. Project management? Finance? Collaboration? There was no Google App for that. The tech giant had in the eyes of many no chance against the dominance of the Microsoft ecosystem in the business environment.

But of late the landscape has started to turn – rapidly. Professional Services organisations and consultancies are now becoming aware that Google and all the treasures that recently have been built upon and around its core technology are becoming a very interesting alternative for the dinosaur from Redmond.

How come that Google succeeds in attracting more and more consultants? First, there is prevailing the ‘cloud first’ IT strategy. Cloud computing is nowadays the way to go for businesses of all sorts. It is not really necessary to recap all the benefits of cloud computing for Professional Services as they are well documented in the market: more flexibility, easier innovation, seamless collaboration, to mention just a few. To put it a bit stronger: Cloud was invented by Google. Note that all the Google services were online from the very first beginning in 1997. And Microsoft? They embraced the cloud just a few years ago, light years after the start of Google Apps. Will they ever be able to bridge the gap? 

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