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EXECUTIVES AT ASCENDANT tech titans like Amazon and Google tend to look down on their predecessor IBM. The fading giant of Armonk, New York, once sustained itself inventing and selling cutting-edge technology, but now leans heavily on consulting. Renting out people to help other companies with tech projects is a messier and less scalable business than selling computing power on a distant cloud server, and leaving the customer to do the grunt work.

Yet as Amazon and Google seek greater riches by infusing the world with artificial intelligence, they’ve started their own consulting operations, lending out some of their prized AI talent to customers. The reason: Those other businesses lack the expertise to take advantage of techniques such as machine learning.

Many companies use cloud platforms for tasks like data storage or powering websites and mobile apps. Market leader Amazon and its rivals are now trying to convince their customers to also buy AI services to mine insights from the hordes of data they amass. But AI experts are in short supply, in no small part because big tech companies compete fiercely to hire them.

Amazon launched several new cloud services for tasks such as understanding audio and training machine-learning models at its AWS re:Invent cloud conference in Las Vegas this week. An executive from the NFL came onstage Wednesday to boast how the league tapped Amazon’s machine-learning tools to determine how far players run, and how fast they accelerate.

But the NFL couldn’t do that work itself. It got hands-on help from Amazon’s elite machine-learning experts through a new consulting operation called AWS Solutions Lab. Lab staffers examine a company’s data and systems, brainstorm ideas for how to improve them using AI, and help implement the plans.

AWS made its first big push into AI services last year. Swami Sivasubramanian, who leads AI initiatives at AWS, says the consulting shop was launched in response to requests from customers for help building AI systems. “We consistently heard they wanted to learn from the machine-learning scientists who built these capabilities for,” he says. Companies pay to tap Amazon’s experts, but Sivasubramanian declined to detail the menu they are offered or the prices, saying it varies depending on the project.

Google launched its own consulting AI shop late last year. The Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab, as it is called, lets customers such as insurer USAA work on projects with Google AI engineers at a dedicated facility at the company’s campus in Mountain View, California. It also offers a four-week training program to help customers’ engineers improve their AI chops.

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Article Credit: Wired

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