Sat. Jul 17th, 2021

Google and Apple, both have released their messenger applications. Apple has released iMessage and Google has released Google Allo.

Though both of these applications are very much similar in nature, one cannot talk to their friends and relatives, until and unless they have the same application installed on their phone. iMessage application is for Android users, but only iMessage lets you send text messages. Also, google has not introduced this service on desktop or web, whereas iMessage works on Apple Mac computers. Allo also has both Ios and Android versions of it though.

Common Feature

The one feature that is common to both is that they lack cross- platform like Hangout, though this feature is expected to be a part of this in near future. If you are an Apple user, then iMessage is the most convenient option for you as it works across mobiles, laptops and desktops as well. Allo can work on any smartphone, and has an edge over iMessage in this case.

In both the applications, you can send group chats, which means you can chat with your group of friends the same way you do using Whatsapp. Not only this, you can also send media files, audio files, and can also send text messages with effects, along with emoji and sticker options available. Though, iMessage has a little bit more to offer in this case.

One can also share their location with their contacts and one can also mute the respective conversations. This means that both these applications have all the basic stuff that one needs. Two features here differentiating both of them is handwriting support and read receipt option. If you are using iMessage, it has handwriting support feature and you can also disable read receipts.

Allo and iMessage main difference

One major feature that Allo has is its super smart Google Assistant AI. It is user- friendly feature that helps you to chat. With the help of this Google Assistant, you will get all your questions answered. Not only this, this Assistant will also play games with you, will track your flight and cricket score for you and will also give you advice whenever you need it.

Whereas iMessage has support from third- party applications and this has been its major upgrade till now. Having this feature means that you can download all the extra stuff, it can be anything like that of a sticker or a game or any weather forecast. In case of security and privacy as well, iMessage has an edge over Google Allo. iMessage provides you with end-to-end encryption. This feature is very much there in Google Allo, but you will have to install a special incognito mode as this feature is not available by default.

Both the applications have their pros and cons. And both the applications are yet to make a mark like that of Whatsapp and Messenger. If you are using an iPhone, iMessage is the most convenient application for you. Since its update to Ios 10, it has become even better. It also offers basic messaging service. The only disadvantage of this application is that it does not support non- Apple users.

On the other hand, Allo does not let you send text messages, but it works on Ios and Android. On the basis of recent upgrades, iMessage wins as it is more advanced and has more features as compared to Google Allo.

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