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Global data to increase 10x by 2025: Data Age 2025

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PUNE: Data creation is likely to increase ten times to 163 zettabytes (zb) by 2025, as per a study done by IDC, Data Age 2025. The study was sponsored by data and storage company Seagate. Unlike the past where consumers have been the primary creators of the bulk of the world’s data, the report predicts that this will change, with enterprises creating 60% of the world’s data by 2025. This presents businesses with the opportunity to embrace new opportunities using this data and the insights it generates, but will also require strategic choices on data collection, utilization and location. Seagate advises leaders to sharpen their focus on the mega trends driving data growth over the next several years, and examine their business’ course for the future value of data from creation, collection, utilization and management.

Other key findings include the evolution of data from business background to life critical with nearly 20% of all the data being critical to our daily lives and about half of that will be hyper critical. Further, the average connected person will interact with connected devices nearly 4,800 times a day, or every 18 seconds. The increase in data available will also result in far more data analysis with machine learning having a greater impact. IDC estimates that the amount of the global datasphere subject to data analysis will grow by a factor of 50 to 5.2 ZB in 2025. A quarter of the data created will be real time in nature, and IoT real time data will constitute over 95% of it.

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