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Giving Your Logistics Business Breathing Space with Temporary Buildings

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Temporary structures offer fast and cost-effective solutions to any number of industries. They are fast to set up and cost a fraction of what you would pay for a permanent building. Logistics have been reaping rewards from the benefits of temporary buildings for years.

Here are a few reasons why your logistics business could do well with a temporary structure:

  •       They are flexible in size.
  •       They come with individual configuration.
  •       They are portable. You can move them whenever the need arises and wherever you want them to be.

Factors to Consider for Warehousing in Logistics

The key factors to consider for a warehouse in the logistics industry include the following:

  •       Customisation
  •       Whether it is functional
  •       How much time it takes to construct
  •       Funds

Transport companies as well as logistics ones have been opting for temporary and semi-permanent structures for the longest time. This is because temporary buildings built by Smart-Space offer the perfect solution for these industries and others. Smart Space buildings are popular for their durability as well as wide range of designs.

Rapid Construction

Aside from being cost-efficient, well designed temporary structures allow for quick construction meaning that your building will be ready for use in weeks. The building may be constructed elsewhere then brought to your preferred site for installation. Ultimately, you can move in and start your logistics operations in record time.

Your temporary structure offers you the following:

  •       A variety of designs
  •       A variety of equipment to choose from
  •       Flexibility in the event that you may need to expand, convert or remove as your business needs evolve


Temporary buildings for logistics can be used as picking and distribution centres; for storage; and as warehouses. You can opt for insulated or non-insulated buildings and have any features that you deem relevant to your enterprise fitted.

Benefits of Temporary Structures in the Logistics Industry

There are common advantages such as short construction time thus avoiding a long wait, cost-efficiency as well as customisation. However, there are benefits that are peculiar to the logistics industry.

Temporary Structures are Not Traditional Real Estate

In logistics, the operator in most cases is not the landowner. This means there is no flexibility which is important in this industry. With temporary structures, you can easily dismantle, relocated and reassembled in your new location. This is a definite advantage in the logistics industry.

Demand Fluctuates Constantly in Logistics

Consequently, temporary structures are the perfect solutions for space needs. When demand is high, the building can be expanded and dismantled when demand goes low again.

Special Requirements

There may be special requirements when certain systems and conveyors are being installed. In addition, alterations may be business-specific. Temporary structures allow for such special considerations to be met.


Temporary buildings offer specific advantages in the logistics industry that are almost custom-made for the industry. While being pocket-friendly and available fast are distinct advantages and will push your logistics business to new levels, flexibility is a major factor to take into consideration.

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