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Getting behind big, big data

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The HR profession may have been slow to join the big data revolution, but now it’s available, and the insights provided by algorithms and machine learning will transform how decisions are managed and how people are engaged and managed

“We’re just scratching the surface of where big data can take us.” Those are the confident words of someone who has been at the forefront of HR cloud technology for almost 20 years. As the senior vice president and general manager of Cornerstone OnDemand’s business in Asia-Pacific & Japan, Frank Ricciardi has watched HR’s
standing in the business evolve first-hand. A major driver of that evolution – especially for the past five years – has been the availability of HR data analytics and decision support.

While he concedes that HR has been one of the last of the business leaders in the executive suite to have true access to the technologies that allow for rich insights and more informed decision-making, Ricciardi says this is rapidly changing thanks to cloud and mobile technology which allow for the collection of immense amounts of data.

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