Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

Implementing an ERP successfully sows a feeling of accomplishment, of winning a battle. Thanks to massive efforts that go into bringing it aboard; from ERP hunt to go-live stage. But soon we realize that the real challenges come to surface only after the ERP implementation, where you enter into the post go-live phase. Getting an ERP implementation done is just like bringing a new-born home. Teething troubles and temporary halts are quite common to occur during the initial months. In fact, these minor problems pave way to explore the newly employed system, as the employees actually start using it. The issues that pop out in the system on a frequent basis interrupt the flow of all processes of the organization. However, the time taken to resolve the issues depends largely on efficient customer support and services thereafter.

This blog presents some tips to make the most out of ERP software, and getting proper technical support and service from your vendor:

  1. Prompt Issue Resolution- Soon after the go-live, the employees encounter few common elementary troubles in order to make pace with the new system’s way of working. Raising tickets and support flags is a common practice signalling the need of a back end support from the vendor. Quick issue resolution is what is expected to have a rewarding ERP experience and an efficient support staff is capable of pulling you off from a tight situation.
  1. Constant Communication with Proactive Employee Engagement – Communication gap must be avoided at any cost as it is responsible for making or breaking of smooth functioning of an ERP system. Also, a proactive employee approach helps to connect with the vendor better and avoids miscommunication and confusion over any issue.  Periodic communication is another way to keep a check on the progress of any issue resolution.  Get a regular update to diagnose any loose end from the vendor’s side. 
  1. Training & Demonstration-Post implementation training with live system data and real time scenarios is essential for the customer for the better understanding of the ERP functionalities. Also such demos s are more essential after every upgrade where new features are introduced in the ERP so that the employees can work with complete ease. Moreover, an ERP software support manual must be recorded by the staff for keeping a record of such demos in order to build a knowledge base and future reference. 
  1. Count on the Experts-Let only the experts lead your way because they are well aware of the potential pitfalls and problems the organization faces after implementation. Only an expert hand can pull you out of the problems and make you up and running in practically no-time. A vendor who has a reputed name in the market and has delivered quality solutions to your counterparts is capable to provide effective and efficient ERP technical support. 
  1. Overcome Security Discrepancies- Data security is yet another concern for the companies dealing with complex formulas and confidential financial data for tenders and quotations. A good vendor with foolproof data security tools such as, storage over cloud rather than on local servers, data encryption, and digital signatures for authorized access is capable to restrict the data from trespassers and make your data environment more secure and much comfortable to work with.   
  1. Ensure periodic backups and upgrades- Upgrades are essential for the smooth running of ERP software. It is the prime responsibility of ERP support team to make timely upgrades. Also make prior arrangements for periodic data backups so that your data is always there, even in the case of any disaster like system crash or failure. The database management should also be reliable for a long, sustained ERP support by the vendor.

Apart from keeping the above points in mind, never hesitate to ask your vendor if any other additional back-end support or service capabilities are offered by them, as it will help you in getting maximum returns on your ERP investment.

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