Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

G-Cloud total sales rise by £48m after March spending splurge

Government cloud procurement continues to be strong

Total G-Cloud sales have hit £1.054bn, rising by £48m after strong government spending on cloud services and software in February.

Spending was pretty much evenly split between small firms and large enterprises, and 52 per cent of the sales by value and 61 per cent by volume were awarded to SMEs.

Some 77 per cent of those sales were attributed to central government, while the wider public sector was responsible for the remaining 23 per cent.

This is a one per cent change over last month’s figures, indicating that spending through the government’s cloud procurement framework follows a trend of central government having a major appetite for cloud services purchased through G-Cloud. Other parts of the public sector, such as local councils, are playing catch-up or purchasing cloud products and services elsewhere.

The Cabinet Office appears to have abandoned updating the G-Cloud dashboard, which breaks down the type of services the government has brought through G-Cloud.

But G-Cloud spending has followed fairly consistent trends over the past two years, so it would not be surprising to see that specialist cloud services contribute most to the G-Cloud sales pot, followed by software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service.

The government’s latest sales figures for the Digital Marketplace IT procurement service show a £3m sales hike in February to £50m. SMEs contributed to 42 per cent of the sales by volume, while 87 per cent of the purchased services and products went to central government.

Sales performance across both frameworks contains no surprises but continues to indicate that the government is keen to adopt more digital services as it pursues a ‘digital by default’ strategy being spearheaded by the Government Digital Service.

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