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Future Trends Of Sports Betting To Watch Out For

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Suddenly, a whole new world has opened up for casinos in the US. It is now possible for many of them to include sports betting in their offerings to customers.

On May 14th of this year, the US Supreme Court struck down a federal law which entails that, if their state allows it, people can now place bets on individual sporting events, something they were previously unable to do.

With such a big change coming about, the future of the sports entertainment industry and betting as a whole is set to change.

In many ways, this change in law could not have come about at a better time because the worldwide betting industry is already going through some major changes.


As with most things, sports betting is likely to go almost purely digital. predicts that the betting industry will be an interesting place over the coming years and will definitely give betting companies a boost in terms of revenue.

It is predicted that punters will be betting around $23.5b on e-sports by 2020, with sportsbook operators managing to generate around $1.8b in revenue.

You can find out more about the new things that this change in law will bring by taking a look at the infographic below.

Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrencies

For a start, the use of the blockchain technology is on the rise and it looks likely that in the near future people will be using cryptocurrencies to place bets instead of the fiat money. Digital coins come with a range of benefits, such as easier funding and payouts and they could also remove the need for betting fees.

It is also considered safer and more secure than using any other kinds of funds.

Sports Betting Bots

Sports betting bots will be used as sophisticated forecasting tools who can convert event probabilities into prices. They are also able to look for differences in the model price and the market price.

The Brave New World of Legalized Sports Betting


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