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Future Proofing Your ERP

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If you are replacing your ERP system because it doesn’t do X, let me pose a question to you. What about Y? What is Y? Y is that thing you will need your ERP to do tomorrow, but don’t know about today. Y is your next X.

Even if operational performance is deteriorating, companies tend to accept the status quo of their ERP system until performance has deteriorated to the point where they can no longer bear it. This is the point where they decide that they need a new solution and enter another ERP selection cycle. It doesn’t have to be like this. A continuous improvement approach — like those used in other parts of your business — can be applied to your business processes and supporting systems. While no one knows what the future will look like in five years, we do know that it will be different from today. The only constant is change. In such an environment, agility trumps the best-laid plans.

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