Today you face a choice. Be a disruptor or be disrupted. Beat or be beaten by the opposition. And while you’re weighing the options, every new digital development is making your margin for error smaller.

What you could have dealt with 10 years ago, before the availability of real-time data and digital channels, is now enough to be fatal. Company size, market share and market cap aren’t the only metrics that matter to a company. Digital value and innovation are increasingly important and with good reason. It’s about being able to create digital value and innovate – and that’s no longer just a nice-to-have.

If you’re like me, and billions of others, you expect customization and personalization. You’re unique. Your needs are unique. Why should your car or your Nikes be just like all the others?

If you don’t meet this demand for customization, a competitor – new or old – will. And as rivals squeeze your margin, your legacy IT system is dead weight on your agility and ability to deal with the massive complexity spawned by this move away from standardization.

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