Thu. Oct 14th, 2021
Future Of Artificial Intelligence
The year is 2035 and humanoid robots, driven by Artificial Intelligence, are a part of normal life.  Detective Del Spooner hates robots since he had been in a auto crash along with a robot pulled him to safety whilst leaving a 12-year-old woman to die — because the likelihood of her dwelling were statistically lower than Detective Spooner’s.  That is a little background on the protagonist from the film I, Robot, starring Will Smith.  Finally, these humanoids ring together in a scheme to take over the world.
Is that the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Will the machine gotten so strong that it starts to think to some place where it’s more effective than the people?  Notice, I stated competent, not strong.  Without doubt computers are more effective in giving us responses quicker than human brainpower, but are they more competent?  That is what folks worry about.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence

No, AI won’t take on the planet.  Films like I, Robot are science fiction, with a focus on the term fiction.


That being said, AI is a highly effective business tool that’s supporting businesses and their customer support plans.  It is creating a better client experience.
Imagine that the AI computer/machine is listening to the consumer dialog in real time.  The client is requesting a question or discussing a issue.  To begin with, the computer enables the CSR know more about the history of the customer: previous purchases, reasons they’ve known for aid before, and much more.  At precisely the exact same time, the computer may also offer the CSR proposed responses to the client’s issues.  This is occurring in real time… and very quickly.
Artificial Intelligence has reached its tipping point and has rapidly made its way into our everyday lives, whether we recognize it or not.  AI is here to remain and that what we’re seeing is only the start.  Can (AI) take over the company world?  Certainly,  Can it happen in the way that they show it at the films?  Likely not.
Therefore, while Hollywood paints a very unrealistic picture of robots taking the jobs of humans, we all know that this is not really realistic. However, is that while AI mightn’t, in actuality, change the human interaction, it could, in fact, go hand in hand to offer you a better customer experience when used as the unbelievable instrument it was meant to be.



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