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Future is now: How IoT will develop in 2019

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The IoT by its very nature is constantly changing, we take a look at the most important trends to look out for this year

IoT 2019

IoT 2019

IoT 2019-The IoT, along with AI, machine learning (ML) and cloud technology, has been one of the most important trends in everything concerning high-tech over the past few years. It has been developing at breakneck speeds since the very moment of its inception, often rapidly changing directions and taking new and unexpected forms. Nevertheless, experts have ways of predicting how it is going to grow, and in this article, we will cover the most important trends to look out for in 2019.

Smart cities

So far, the IoT has mostly been a prerogative of companies offering connected devices. Smart houses filled to the brim with connected technology anticipating the owner’s every whim have been the pinnacle of what could have been achieved in terms of smart environments. However, we already see the first efforts to broaden such environments to entire cities. So far these applications are relatively simple – for example, Cary, North Carolina, uses the IoT to track the condition of its traffic lights. If they go out, the system notifies utility companies so that they can immediately dispatch a technician to solve the problem, minimizing the problem for the citizens. In the near future, we are likely to see more ingenious applications of such kind.

Growing security concerns

Undoubtedly, the IoT makes for incredibly comfortable and convenient living environments when used as a part of smart houses and smart cities, as it takes upon itself many tasks that people are used to performing manually. However, growing reliance on digital systems leads to new challenges and dangers. In the past, a malware infection meant just lost or compromised data, which is unpleasant but firmly belongs to the world of information. The emergence of the IoT means that virus or ransomware infection can easily spill over into the real world, disabling or taking under its control vital functions and services. And it is not an image out of a cyberpunk movie, as these things already do happen – like in Atlanta in March 2018, when ransomware crippled the city’s water services and ticket payments. Therefore, everyone working in the IoT space is going to pay greater attention to its security aspects as the year continues.

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