Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Fujitsu has successfully consolidated information technology systems at Nakilat (Qatar Gas Transport Company) into a single, end-to-end and scalable private SAP cloud that effectively adds greater efficiency.

Nakilat, the shipping arm of Qatar’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, known for innovation, has partnered with Fujitsu to launch the globally renowned SAP HANA and integrate a more efficient, consolidated and automated IT experience. Since its inception, Nakilat has consistently been an early adopter of advanced technologies. SAP HANA uses futuristic cloud-based technology that acts as one single environment for a flexible, innovative and cost-efficient SAP private cloud operation.

By introducing SAP HANA, Nakilat has a more responsive and agile business landscape that can produce critical financial and ERP reports more promptly. It has reduced the resources needed to support the IT system, and accelerated the generation of mission-critical business reports.

Fujitsu deployed PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes as it is truly end-to-end, scalable and easily manageable with cloud speed provisioning for new applications and services. The new SAP HANA platform supports Nakilat and its joint ventures through the secure cloud. As part of the project, Fujitsu also provided the migration to SAP HANA as well as comprehensive SAP implementation services.


Eng. Abdullah Al Sulaiti, Managing Director of Nakilat, said: “At Nakilat, we fully understand and appreciate the need for IT integration. Today, Nakilat has built its own private cloud and have provided the same capabilities to our joint ventures and are continually looking for solution opportunities to improve. Information technology orientation allows us to anticipate major improvements in IT infrastructure, the manpower to maintain it, and it gives us the future road map to synergize the business processes with the most innovative systems that enable effective decision making and deliver long-term sustainable values.”

Uwe Neumeier, Vice President Global Server Business, Fujitsu said: “The successful integration of the IT businesses at Nakilat is a compelling example of how technology can redefine the work environment and bring tremendous value to employee efficiency. Nakilat operates in a very time and efficiency-sensitive environment where swift decision making and timely information are mission-critical. With a streamlined IT infrastructure that is agile, flexible and responsive, Nakilat can now concentrate on fulfilling its mission to be the service provider of choice by enabling its staff to perform to the highest standards of service excellence.”
Source: Fujitsu

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