Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

The move to Dynamics 365 comes as the company seeks to utilise a single cloud-based platform

Food manufacturer
Food manufacturer

TNA Solutions is replacing legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365, deployed through specialist provider Sable37.

In operating as a global food processing and packaging equipment manufacturer, the migration aligns with wider digital transformation initiatives across the organisation.

The move to Dynamics 365 comes as the company seeks to utilise a single cloud-based platform with secure, anytime access to information for 600 staff across 30 global locations.

“We’ve never seen business at today’s pace,” TNA Solutions CIO, Pravin Singh, said. “The challenge for us is how do we become more agile and more engaged with our customers to accommodate this new paradigm.

“Our ambitious growth plans were critical to choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as our platform for the future. It is the end-to-end, secure, cloud-based platform the business needs to further drive growth in the business.”

According to Singh, the Sydney-headquartered business partnered with Sable37 due to the provider’s “specialist” knowledge aligned to the Dynamics 365 portfolio, alongside “extensive experience” within the food industry.

“Overhauling our ERP system is a significant project for the business,” Singh added. “It was equally critical to have the right platform and the right partner.

“We were not looking for a vendor to come in and replace a system but a company willing to partner with us on the journey to growing our business.

“Sable37 demonstrated their extensive experience with the platform and delivering value to businesses in our industry, and this assured us they were the right partner for us.”

From an installation perspective, Singh said the first phase of the migration will allow the organisation to manage end-to-end manufacturing processes through a single system, allowing executives to receive accurate information in real-time.

“We are excited about providing the business with critical information around cash flow, business processes, targets, all from a single system,” Singh explained.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers all of this functionality out of the box and that’s going to be such a significant change for the business.”

Citing the reporting capabilities of Power BI, Singh said the solution offers deeper levels of “visibility” to an organisation which currently operates across more than 14,000 installed systems worldwide.

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